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This photo was taken July 7, 2012

Currently wearing new size 16 pants
Used the same shirt as in the previous photo. It large presently extra large looks better.
You can already see a difference!

Starting Point  6/21    Week #2 7/7 
Starting weight 215                  202
Bust 40 inches                         same
Stomach 41inches                      39
Hips 46 inches                         same
Thigh 24 inches                       same
Calf 17 inches                            16
Arm 15 inches                            14
                                             Total Losses   13 lbs lost      6 inches 
                                             Lost This Week  8 lbs lost    3 inch lost

This photo was taken June 21, 2012

Currently wearing size 18 pants
The shirt in the photo is a large presently extra large looks better.

Starting weight 215
Bust 40 inches
Stomach 41inches
Hips 46 inches
Thigh 24 inches
Calf 17 inches
Arm 15 inches

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