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I thought I would post the titles of the recipes that I post so you can find them with out having to scroll through past posts. I tend to cook more from inspiration than step by step recipes. I will include photos and simple directions. So this the menu for my Virtual Cafe, have fun exploring and trying some of these idea in your own kitchen. The are all designed to work with a low carb lifestyle.

Grab and Go Finger Foods 
 Steak Strips - Yummy hot or cold.

The Main Course
Stir Fry - An easy family meal
Talapia with Mustard Sauce - Super easy with just 5 minute prep time
Individual Breakfast Bake -  Nice to make ahead or to accommodate varied tastes
Biscuits and Gravy -   Carbs are pretty high but a nice comfort food breakfast once in a while.
Tuna Balls  - These have become a favorite for me and my mom. 
Brined Grilled Chicken - This trick keeps your chicken moist when grilling.

Side Dishes
1 Minute Muffins - Cut in half these make a nice sandwich bread option
Margot's Gravy -  One option for a gravy or sauce
Summer Salad -   One idea for a summer salad with chicken, eggs and garlic dills.

Bread, Crackers Subs
Oopsie Rolls - These are easy to make and make nice buns
Nutty Pizza Crust - Still searching for the best crust but this one is kind of cracker like. 

Strawberry Smoothy - Ahhh refreshing!

Bananna Bread - This is a bit on the high side - watch your portions.
Chocolate Strawberries - A nice fresh treat with home made chocolate dip.
Birthday Cake  - My kids like this cake and we served to friends and they liked it.
Cookie Variations -  These are nice to have on hand for a little treat.
Pumpkin Bites - Depending how you cook these they can be like a muffin or more like pie.
Brownies with icing  - Used these to make halloween treats - to resist the candy temptation.

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