Monday, September 24, 2012

September Progress Report

The new scale and the old scale disagree by about 4 pounds.
I have been a bit neglectful on posting how I am doing on my weight loss journey. I have been sticking pretty close to my plan. I am still loosing.

I did get a new digital scale it says my weight today is 201 and the old scale say 195. According to both I have been loosing but I still feel compelled to use both scales which seems kind of dumb and defeats the purpose of getting a new scale. Anyway from this point on I am going to switch over to the new scale. The old scale you could lean a bit to one side and add or gain a pound or two. The new one seems to be much more accurate and less temperamental. Just like the numbers on the old scale better. Its a little frustrating to not be below 200 when the old scale says I am. Grrrrr I will make the switch. 

I have not posted any recipes because I have been mostly cooking add lib. You know with the stuff that is on hand and not really following any real recipes. I did have a couple of great cooking weekends with my mom who is also following a low carb lifestyle of eating and cooking.
Low carb egg mc muffins  - yum

Amazing Cake that cooks in 3 minutes

Pre-mixed muffin or bread mix

We have discovered that the whole family really like this pizza recipe.

I have managed to get beyond a couple days of cheating during my sons birthday and get right back on track. That is a big big change in the past it could have taken several months and in some cases a year to get back on track.

September 24, 2012
Anyway here is my current measurements and weights for September 24th 2012
Weight according to the new scale 201
according to the old scale its 194 which is a 4 lb loss
stomach 36  - is another 1 inch loss
hips 41 - is another 1 inch loss
Thigh is 23
Calf is 16
Arm is 13 a half inch loss 

I am making progress. I am fitting in to pants that did not fit previously. So progress is slow and steady. Which is good. 

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