Saturday, September 29, 2012

Pattypan Squash

I was given a big basket of Pattypan Squash that I have been finding interesting ways to use. I was pleased to discover another low carb option.

I have chopped them and sautéed them and they are delicious with a bit of onion.

We added them to scrambled eggs. Which was similar to having cubed hash-browns. They did not get as mushy as zucchini or yellow squash does. My kids like what we call cowboy breakfast which is a mixture of scrambled eggs, cubed has browns and sausage crumbles. So they were happy for me to find a good hash-brown replacement.

Today I decided to see how they would do as a pan fried pizza crust.
I sliced the squash in half inch slices.
Mixed up some olive oil, vinegar, a bit of salt, garlic powder and basil. I dipped each slice in the mixture allowing them to soak it up a bit before flipping them.
I transfered them to a frying pan and cooked them till they were golden brown. As I completed each one I laid them on a baking dish and topped them with Spagetti Sauce, Seasoned Ground Beef and Cheese.
Finally I broiled them till the cheese melted.

My husband and I enjoyed them for lunch. They were a bit more like eggplant parmesan than pizza but certainly delicious, easy to prepare.
You could probably come up with your own topping variations.    

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